General question features

How can I search for older matches?

You have two options: either use our search tool to find the team, player etc., or enter the league (tournament, race...) and find whatever you need in the archive.

Why can’t I add more teams to My Teams?

Due to technical reasons, it is only possible to have up to 100 'My Teams'.

Can you send me notifications from all matches of my favourite leagues?

Sorry, there is no such feature. If you want to receive our notifications, please add a match or a team of your interest to My Games/My Teams.

I can’t see my favourite competition after the app launches. Why?

There is a list of competitions with at least one match scheduled for the day on the home screen. You can easily find other competitions via the search tool (the magnifying glass icon), in the Standings bottom tab, or by switching to another day in the calendar.

Why are there some competitions or historical data missing?

We work hard on collecting as much information as possible from the growing number of competitions and events. If you miss your favourite league, it’s probably because we are yet to find a trustful source of information for this competition. We will appreciate you help with finding such a source - you can let us know via the contact form. As for the historical data, we complete them continuously however the live results are still our priority.

What does “FRO” mean?

“FRO” is the acronym for “Final Result Only”. We use it whenever we don’t have a trustful source of live information.

How can I place a bet?

You can’t place a bet on our website. To do so, you need to register with one of our advertised sportsbook partners.

Can you send me daily predictions/betting tips?

Sorry, we don’t offer betting tips or predictions on our website. We are dedicated to providing you with extensive match stats, teams form, fixtures, live scores and results.

Why don’t you display odds from all licensed bookmakers?

The odds shown are a subject of a business deal so their appearance depends on current commercial contracts.